Olli Kangas
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Olli Kangas Professor of Practice at the University of Turku and the Director of Equals Society research programme at the Academy of Finland. Previously he has been the Director of Governmental Relations at the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela, 2015-2018) and Research Director (2007-2014). He has worked as Olof Palme visiting Professor at the Uppsala University;  H.C. Andersen Professor at the University of Southern Denmark, Professor at the Danish National Institute for Social Research (2004-2007), Professor in Social Policy, University of Turku (1994-2003) and research fellow at the Academy of Finland 1987-1993. His research interests revolve around comparative analysis of social policy systems, their causes and consequences in terms of macro-economy, income distribution and legitimacy of social institutions. He is the leader of the research group evaluating results from the Finnish experiment with basic income. His latest publication is Olafsson S.; Daly, M., Kangas, O. & Palme, J. (eds.) Welfare and the Great Depression. Oxford U.P. (2019).