Carlota Perez
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Carlota Perez is a world-renowned expert on the socio-economic impact of technical change and the historical context of growth and development. Author of the influential Technological Revolutions and Financial Capital: the Dynamics of Bubbles and Golden Ages (Edward Elgar 2002), her career has spanned civil service, academic research, teaching and consultancy. In addition to her role at IIPP, she is Honorary Professor at SPRU, University of Sussex; Professor at Taltech, Estonia; and Visiting Professor at LSE. As a consultant she has worked for several Latin American governments and multilateral organisations such as the IADB, UNCTAD, CEPAL, OECD and the World Bank; as well as for many global corporations, including IBM, Cisco, Telefonica, Ericsson and IKEA. She recently chaired the EU’s Horizon 2020 Expert Group for Green Growth and Jobs. Her forthcoming book, The social Shaping of Technological Revolutions, examines the historical role of the state in guiding technical change towards a positive-sum game between business and society.