Dr. Peter Oeij
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Peter is a senior research scientist and consultant at TNO, with an educational background in history, sociology and psychology, and a Ph.D in management science. His field of work is innovation management, workplace innovation, social innovation and team dynamics. He is driven by bringing the ambitions of people and the organisational goals in line, in such ways that meaningful work fits with sound organisational performance. Before joining TNO, Peter has worked with the Institute of Social Research (IVA) of Tilburg University. Recent publications of Peter include ‘Workplace Innovation: Theory, research and practice’ (Springer, 2017 – with D. Rus & F.D. Pot); ‘The resilient innovation team’ (Open University of the Netherlands, 2017), and ‘Workplace innovation in the era of disruptive technologies’ (special issue for Int. Jl. of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, co-edited with D. Rus, S. Dhondt & G. Van Hootegem, forthcoming).  Peter is the project manager of BEYOND4.0.