Prof. Dr. Steven Dhondt
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Steven Dhondt is scientific coordinator of the H2020 Beyond4.0-project. His first (also European) project as a junior scientist, some 30 years ago, was about the impact of technology on work. Microelectronics was the technology revolution at that time. CIM would make all workers unemployed. Thirty years along the line, Steven is still delving into this fascinating world of technology, organisation and work. He does this as a senior scientist at TNO and as a professor at the University of Leuven (Belgium). Next to Beyond4.0, he is also coordinating another project on work in advanced manufacturing, the SBO Paradigms4.0. With his expertise, he is an advisor of the European Commission on the next research programme 2021-2029 Horizon Europe; member of the Scientific Advisory Board for the German research institute sozial-forshung-stelle TU Dortmund. He has written extensively on topics such as technology and work, workplace innovation, quality of work. In 2019, he hopes that his co-edited Special Issue of the International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation on ‘Workplace innovation in the era of disruptive technologies’ shows some directions to deal with the technology change.