OeNB-SUERF workshop on the occasion of Austria’s, Finland’s and Sweden’s 25th EU membership anniversary
25 years of EU Northern Enlargement

Online event - Cisco WebEx

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the EU’s Northern enlargement, which, after several years of negotiations, made Austria, Finland and Sweden EU members on 1 January 1995. There is hardly any other step in foreign and economic policy for a European country in the 2nd half of the 20th (and in the 21st) century that could be more far-reaching and important than EU membership. It is thus worth looking back on what EU membership has entailed for the three countries. The OeNB has prepared two volumes to study the issue in some detail. First, a special edition of Monetary Policy and the Economy, Q1-Q2/2020 contains a collection of analyses focusing on aspects pertaining primarily on Austria. Second, a collection of contributions covering perspectives from all three “Northern EU enlargement countries” are compiled in a conference volume (to be published).

This online workshop, jointly organized by the OeNB and SUERF presents main findings from both volumes, in order to make the analysis known to a broader audience and in order to seek views and feedback from a wider public.
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